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Decorative Concrete Features

Create concrete structures with decorative concrete features limited only by imagination.

Unlimited Design Potential

With a little creativity, concrete is capable of amazing designs.


With today’s emphasis on Green Building, Precise Form’s building techniques for concrete homes are the answer for meeting current and future energy requirements. Fuel savings are created though the huge retention of energy stored in the thermal mass of the concrete home. You can also expect reductions of air infiltration and external noise inside concrete houses.


Square concrete columns can be created using our standard aluminum concrete forms. Circular concrete columns can be created using our radius aluminum column forms. Custom aluminum header and base forms can be designed to fit the design styles of any project.

Textured Concrete

Precise Decorative Forms set with speed and efficiency comparable to smooth aluminum forms and are interchangeable with all of our forming systems.

Precise Brick is easily finished in many attractive variations to recreate the appearance of natural brick. Precise Brick Forms give a decorative alternative to smooth walls and are available in a variety of styles.

Precise V-Tex Brick Forms offer a classy way to dress up any concrete wall. The vertical joints are hidden within the morters. The texture creates a fantastic looking wall while allowing for easy stripping.