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Concrete Homes


Precise Forms manufactures aluminum forming systems for a wide variety of single family and multi-family concrete homes.

Building Construction

Buildings can be created in just days allowing for fast development of entire subdivisions.

Please note that Precise Forms is a manufacturer of aluminum forming systems and not a concrete contractor. If you need assistance in building a concrete structure please check for local concrete contractors.

Single Family Homes

With today’s emphasis on Green Building, Precise Form’s building techniques for concrete homes are the answer for meeting current and future energy requirements. Fuel savings are created though the huge retention of energy stored in the thermal mass of the concrete home. You can also expect reductions of air infiltration and external noise inside concrete houses. View additional images of concrete homes in our Facebook Album.

Multi-Family Homes

Quickly create subdivisions of high quality, decorative homes. With the proper crew and scheduling we have had customers go from excavation to a finished home in as little as 16 days. This will vary depending on the complexity of the floor plan and the speed of the labor.

Add diversity to your subdivision by creating a modular design. Precise Forms allows the contractor to use a single set of forms to create a wide range of concrete homes. Gone are the days of cookie cutter subdivisions. Precise Forms provides contractors the ability to let their customers choose custom designs without additional forming cost. Get ahead of your competition by going custom.

Multistory Homes

Precise aluminum forms are perfect for the construction of concrete multistory housing complexes such as apartment buildings and condominiums. The modular system allows for an entire floor to be poured at one time. For larger projects, the floor can be divided up into mirrored sections which lowers the initial form purchase cost while still providing high speed construction.

Door openings, window openings, electrical conduit, and plumbing pipes can all be set into place before the pour. This process is proven to be very effective in rapid construction situations all over the world. A wide range of architectural features can be included such as columns, beams, arches, pillars and decorative accents.

Basements and Foundations

The Precise Aluminum Forming System is extremely versatile. A standard set of basement forms can do a wide variety of basement layouts including curved or tall walls. Custom basement forms can be manufactured for most special forming situations.

 Early sets of Precise Basement Forms have easily surpassed 2,000 pours…some as many as 3,000 pours! These sets are still going strong and have a surprisingly high resale value. Today, our basement forms are built even stronger due to advancements in form design, welding technology, and stronger aluminum components. With the demands placed on today’s basement forming systems, the Precise Aluminum Forming System provides durability and form life that is unsurpassed.