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Commercial Concrete Construction

Precise Forms manufactures aluminum forming systems for a wide variety of commercial concrete construction applications.

Commercial Construction

When commercial concrete buildings are in high demand they can prove to be a very lucrative business opportunity if residential construction is unavailable.

Commercial Structures

Precise aluminum forms are not limited to concrete basement construction. With the proper form staggering and wall tie placement Precise forms are able to be used in a stacked form situation to easily create tall concrete walls for concrete construction.

The ability to pour tall concrete walls increases the contractors job options dramatically. When commercial concrete buildings are in high demand they can prove to be a very lucrative business opportunity if residential construction is unavailable.

Precast Concrete

Experience the rapid form setting and stripping the Precise Forms Precast Aluminum Forming System provides for today’s aggressive and competitive Precaster. The Precise Forms Precast 36″ modulation reduces the number of forms handled typically by 1/3 over the traditional 24″ wide forming system. This equates to reduced labor and less crew fatigue. Each time a 36″ wide Precast Form is handled your picking up 50% more square footage of forming for approximately the same weight as a 24″ wide steel or steel and plywood system.

Unlike wood forms there is no need to resurface the Precise Precast Form as the durable and resilient face sheet will stand the test of time. With reasonable care and maintenance you should well exceed 2000 pours. Please visit Precast-Forms.com for more information on our Precast Systems. Precast Forms Brochure

Radius Walls

To create a radius or curved concrete wall, you are not necessarily required to have curved forms. In many cases you can create a radius wall using standard aluminum forms and fillers.

Radius walls can be incorporated into any building to create unique design features. Architects are no longer bound by the traditional old school thought of box concrete buildings. For those situations where a smooth curve is desired or required, Precise Forms is able to manufacture curved concrete forms.

Gang Forms

The Precise Gang Forming System allows you to turn standard aluminum concrete forms into gang forms. Gang forms allow you to set and strip large sections of walls in a fraction of the time.

The Gang Form System uses taper ties rather than flat ties to lock the forms together. The taper tie is reusable thus reducing long term tie cost.

Buttress and Pilasters

Buttress walls provide extra support for a wall by transferring horizontal pressure into vertical pressure onto the footing below. Buttress walls can be buried under the earth or designed to be a decorative architectural design feature of the building. Buttress walls allow the contractor to build higher and thinner walls that support the same pressure while using less concrete.

A pilaster is a projecting rectangle or half round column built into the face of the wall. Pilasters add additional strength to the wall while providing extra support for structural beams or trusses. Pilasters can be combined with ornamental features or arches to provide additional strength as well as creative architectural designs.